Long Term Plan

Why does Council need to do a Long Term Plan?

All councils prepare a long term plan every three years to show what work they plan to do over the next 10 years and how they’ll pay for it. A Long Term Plan makes us accountable to our communities. 

Why does Council need to hear from me?

It’s really important you have your say, because your feedback will contribute to the decisions Council makes. These decisions will have a lasting effect on the district and it is important the best outcomes are achieved, with your help.

Can I speak to councillors about the Long Term Plan before I make a submission?

Yes, we’ll be holding drop-in sessions throughout the district where you can come and chat to councillors and staff and ask any questions you may have. Find out where and when.

What does it mean/involve if I do want to speak to the mayor and councillors formally about my submission?

If you would like to speak to Council formally, please indicate this on your submission. You’ll then be invited to attend a meeting (known as a hearing) along with others who also wish to do so, and given time to talk to full Council about your submission.


How much are my rates going to increase?

There are rates for example properties from each area on page 25 of the consultation document. If you wish to know exactly what the proposed rate increase is for your property, you can use our online predicted reates tool.

Why does there have to be a rates increase?

Council is facing increased costs from the government’s three water reforms, higher environmental and regulatory requirements and a change in our environmental monitoring role, climate change, inflation and the need to increase the programme of infrastructure renewals (eg roads, bridges and water pipes).

What if I can’t afford it?

If you are in financial difficulty, please email us and ask for a rates staff member to contact you. Or you can ring us on our 0800 732 732 number. We can work through this together and talk you through your options. If you are a low-income earner, receiving New Zealand Superannuation or living on a benefit, you could qualify for a Department of Internal Affairs rates rebate of up to $655.  

Bridges and roads

Why hasn’t the maintenance been done on bridges?

Maintenance has been carried out on bridges historically. However, due to the large number of bridges that were built in roughly the same era, they have reached the end of their useful lives at the same time. 

How many bridges are you going to fix at your preferred rate increase?

There are 161 structures in the 10-year programme that have been budgeted for, assuming the preferred rates increase is accepted and we get the required Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency contribution.

What condition are our roads in?

Data indicates our roads are actually some of the best in the country.  However, we do recognise if we don’t increase investment in road renewals during this long term plan period then the speed of deterioration will increase and roads will become rougher. We are budgeting for this proposed increased investment, which has been allowed for in the preferred rates increase.

Why can’t you get government funding to pay for them to be fixed?

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency funds 52% of all Council’s roading maintenance and capital projects.

I have another question …

Ask your question and we will get back to you as soon as we can.