Reserves and open spaces engagement

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Southland’s many reserves and open spaces have been in hot demand recently and it’s fantastic to see these community assets being enjoyed.

We want to take this opportunity to engage with you and seek feedback on whether our reserves management policy and open spaces strategy are still relevant.

It would be great if you could provide your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. Is Council landscaping well and putting appropriate plantings into its open spaces?
  2. Can everyone access our open spaces? Do there need to be changes to accommodate the elderly or people with low mobility etc?
  3. Do open spaces have the right buildings and structures? If not, what’s missing?
  4. How could Council provide more of a cultural experience in its open spaces?
  5. What types of attractions/experiences should our open spaces have?
  6. Should Council play more of a role in helping people connect in open spaces? If yes, what more could Council do here – meeting spaces, events etc?
  7. Do our open spaces provide enough recreation facilities? If not, what would you like to see? What types of recreation should be supported?
  8. What sort of art/sculpture should we have in our open spaces?
  9. How else can open spaces promote wellbeing?

You can find the current policy and strategy documents below for your reference: 

Open Spaces Strategy

Reserves Management Policy

Southland District Council Thursday 2 Sep 2021
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