February 2022 - Dipton playground equipment

It’s time to play Dipton!

Southland District Council and the Oreti Community Board are partnering together to revamp the Dipton playground.

Improvements you’ll see are:

  • vehicular bollards to increase safety from the highway
  • a fencing and gate upgrade
  • structural updates to the current modular unit (with slide and climbing activities)
  • a concrete pad, shade sail and table
  • an edging and surfacing upgrade
  • AND some new play pieces that offer different ways to play, so that people of all ages can enjoy this space for years to come!

For this exciting project to soon become a reality, we needed to know which options YOU would like to see there.

Below is a selection of equipment that provides various challenges within the space and budget. The items marked with a golden tick are the winners you chose. 

Select one of the 2 options below.

16 votes

OPTION 1 - Timber playground equipment

Winner, 47 votes

OPTION 2 - Metal playground equipment

Select 2 of the 6 options below.

8 votes

OPTION 1 - What time is it interactive panel

13 votes

OPTION 2 - Tumble ball interactive panel

Winner, 28 votes

OPTION 3 - Todays weather interactive panel

14 votes

OPTION 4 - Flip over noughts and crosses interactive panel

11 votes

OPTION 5 - Farmyard word search interactive panel

Winner, 44 votes

OPTION 6 - Three in a row interactive panel.