May 2024 Wallacetown Recreational Opportunities

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Thank you to those who took the time to submit their votes, attend the activation day and provide us with plenty of good ideas.

Please note that the votes shown on this page don’t represent the total votes received. Hard copy voting forms were also submitted as part of this engagement and these numbers are not shown on this website.

The Oreti Community Board will keep you updated as the project progresses.

What are we doing?

Southland District Council and the Oreti Community Board are excited to have secured $257,000 of funding from central government’s Better off Funding scheme for recreational opportunities for the Wallacetown community.

The Oreti Community Board would like to hear from the community about what recreational opportunities you would like to see at Ellerslie Square recreation reserve (beside the Wallacetown Community Centre).

Where are we doing it?

We have undertaken some engagement with the children from Wallacetown School and they came up with some really great ideas and a preference for a pump track was identified followed by a skatepark.

Now we want to hear from the whole community.

How are we doing it?

Please vote for your favourite option by using the star rating system

  • Pump track
  • Skatepark

Please tell us about any other amazing ideas you have for recreational opportunities at the recreation reserve in Wallacetown.  Please leave a comment in the Share your ideas section. 

You can also vote at the Murphy’s Dairy and Takeaways.

Your votes will be used to help the community board make decisions on what to put at the recreation reserve.

When are we doing it?

Voting closes 8 December.

Get voting!

Star rating system




Rate your favourite option with a 5 star rating.


Photo is an example only.

  • 2 Votes

Pump track

Photo is an example only.

  • 6 Votes

Share your ideas

Feedback has now closed.

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