Revenue and Financing Policy

Southland District Council is proposing some changes to its Revenue and Financing Policy and how it rates for a number of activities.

Wherever you live in the District, if this policy is adopted, this will affect your rates.

Some could pay more, others less, depending on where you live. The total overall rates collected by Council would remain the same, it would just change how we share out the costs for some activities.

The changes are designed to better match who pays for activities based on who benefits or has access to these services and amenities.  The proposed changes are designed to:

  • Apply a more consistent rating approach across certain services/amenities throughout the District
  • Reflect Council’s new community board areas
  • Simplify the approach to rating and funding

The topics we are seeking specific feedback on include:

  • Local activities to be funded by new community board rates
  • Funding local representation (community boards), cemeteries and litter bins district-wide
  • Funding stormwater district-wide
  • Local and District rate funding for Stewart Island Rakiura wharves and jetties
  • Local rate funding for Stewart Island Electricity Supply Authority
  • Funding part of Te Anau Airport Manapouri from district-wide rate 
  • Wastewater
  • Funding waste management through the district-wide general rate

The supporting information links below provide a more detailed explanation of the changes, particularly 1. About the funding and rating review.

We would like your feedback on the approach in general however, if you would like specific detail on how your rates may change, please email or phone 0800 732 732.

Please note that the figures used in information within this page are based on the 2020/2021 rate values, unless otherwise specified.

You may have comments or feedback on all of the topics, or just one – the key thing is that we want to hear from you and understand whether you believe the approaches proposed are the right ones for the District.

Your submission will be presented to Council for it to consider in a public meeting. Members of the public will be able to see your name and submission, but not your personal contact details.

Supporting Information

  1. About the funding and rating review
  2. Proposed new Revenue and Financing Policy (Draft)
  3. Existing Revenue and Financing Policy
  4. Proposed Rating Boundaries – community board rate and stormwater rate
  5. Community Board Workshop Notes – Activity Benefits