Significance and Engagement Policy

The Significance and Engagement Policy outlines Council's general approach to determining the significance of proposals and decisions. This policy includes criteria Council will use in assessing which issues, proposals, decisions and other matters are significant. It also lists assets Council considers to be strategic assets, and Council has made minor changes to this list.

The policy also highlights when something is significant, and how Council will engage with the community in these instances. This will be in line with Council's commitment to applying best practice consultation methods.

This policy exists to inform you about what you can expect from Southland District Council regarding consultation and ways to influence and participate in the decision-making of Council.

All councils are required to have a Significance and Engagement Policy and review it every three years. Only minor changes have been made to this policy since it was last reviewed, in order to provide clarifications and updates.

Council can adopt the amended draft policy as attached, or choose to make minor changes.  Alternatively, Council could re-consult if it wishes to materially change the policy as a result of feedback received.  Proposed changes are marked in the attached draft policy. 

Your submission will be presented to Council for it to consider in a public meeting. Members of the public will be able to see your name and submission, but not your personal contact details.

Download the Draft Significance and Engagement Policy