The key issues

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Key issue No 1 – Water services management

Water services are back now being funded from our small ratepayer base and we need to make sure we get the balance of doing what needs to be done – what is right environmentally, culturally and socially, with the affordability of rates increases for ratepayers. The costs for new statutory requirements and renewals of the assets have increased markedly in the past few years because of regulation to protect the environment and consumers, inflation and the reform changes. So, we have two options on how to manage this.

  1. Do the work but slow it down (preferred option)
  2. Carry out the work as it falls due

Key issue No 2 - Levels of service for roading

Council is continuing to face an ongoing and growing challenge about meeting present levels of services on our roads. These budgets continue to grow because of the increases in construction and material costs, and the economic environment we are working in. We have 1990km of an aging sealed road network, 841 bridges (road bridges) with six closed, 61 posted bridges that are getting older, 13,000 aging culverts and so we need to look at levels of service. So, we have three options.

  1. Reduce levels of service on roading, but maintain bridges budget (preferred option)
  2. Retain the present levels of service on our roads - what our network needs
  3. Further reduction in levels of service

Key issue No 3 – Glass recycling

Government legislation requires councils to do a kerbside collection of glass by 2027, which we are already doing through glass going in the recycling bin. Wastenet, our shared waste management service with Invercargill City Council and Gore District Council, is recommending we separate the glass from the recycling now to not only meet legislative requirements but also to improve the way we manage our waste.

  1. Introduce a new 240-litre glass recycling bin monthly collection service (preferred option)
  2. Status quo
  3. Introduce a new 240-litre glass recycling bin fortnightly collection service

Key issue No 4 – Te Anau Airport Manapouri - district funding

Last year a working group was formed to deliver a review of the Te Anau Airport Manapouri. The review considered the challenges currently facing the airport and made recommendations to Council for its future direction. Great South is now leading work on an interim solution to allow the airport to establish a more commercial operation. The review also noted that while the airport delivers most benefit to the Fiordland community, there is a benefit to the whole of the Southland community as an alternative transport option with flow-on economic and emergency management benefits and Council was asked to look at district funding the airport.

  1. No change to funding for Te Anau Airport Manapouri
  2. 30 percent general rate funding for Te Anau Airport Manapouri
  3. 50 percent general rate funding for Te Anau Airport Manapouri
  4. 100 percent general rate funding for Te Anau Airport Manapouri
  5. Another suggestion for funding for Te Anau Airport Manapouri

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