Predicted rates search

Use our rates prediction tool to see the updated proposed rates for your property.

To show you how the proposed Long Term Plan budget changes would affect your property, we have prepared a rates search tool below.

The rate change for individual properties will vary throughout the district depending on the type of property, its location and the services it pays for, as well as its capital value.

The analysis is based on budget and rating information as of 16 April 2024. The data matches rates and budgets in the full draft long term plan document considered by Council’s Finance and Assurance Committee on 29 May 2024.

The final rates will be confirmed when Council adopts the final 2024/2025 Long Term Plan in August 2024. The unit rates from the plan will be used to set rates for individual properties in August 2024.

  • The rates shown in the table above excludes any remissions which are applied annually to eligible properties
  • the information supplied above reflects the current information held by Council
  • Council's Rating Information Database (RID) is regularly maintained and as such is subject to ongoing change
  • the value of land, improvements and capital value as stated above are those currently held in Council's RID
  • the rateable value used to calculate the rates for the year to 30 June 2025 will alter if there are changes to your property before 30 June 2024, i.e. new building, subdivision, improvement, demolition
  • if you believe any of the information to be incorrect please contact Council's rating staff on 0800 732 732 or email