Let’s talk about the Winton wastewater treatment plant

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The current consent for the Winton wastewater treatment plant will expire in 2023.

Due to changing regulations and standards, it’s unlikely a long-term renewal of consent will be granted.

That means a new, long-term and sustainable solution to treat and discharge the town’s wastewater will need to be found.

It’s going to be a complex project.

Southland District Council staff are working alongside consultants and a working group, comprising experts and representatives from a range of sectors, to determine potential options.

Each option discussed comes with environmental, cultural, social and economic considerations and it appears likely disposal of treated wastewater to land will be required. 

At any stage of the process, please feel free to contact us for more information or to be involved. Simply ask a question on this page, or phone 0800 732 732.

Key Documents

Consultants, GHD have prepared a Phase 1 Evaluation Report, which can be viewed at the link below:

Phase 1 Evaluation Report >>


Southland District Council Wednesday 2 Sep 2020
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