Let’s get planning Riverton Aparima!

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Taramea Bay is being redeveloped and we want YOU to have a say in its future.

Generations have flocked to this foreshore gem over the years to experience an array of recreational pursuits or simply what nature created.

Now it’s time to proactively invest in its future.

In conjunction with the Oraka Aparima Community Board, Southland District Council has committed to developing both the adventure space on the mound to the north and the toilets at the playground to the south.

This presents a fantastic opportunity to broaden the scope of the project to also include the remainder of the Taramea Bay area, revamping it for the enjoyment of the Riverton Aparima community and the wider Southland District.

Ultimately, we want to create a connected journey from one end of Taramea Bay to the other, transforming it into a destination where memories are created along the shoreline.

Let us know what you would like to see and do here by sharing your ideas.

Southland District Council Thursday 3 Dec 2020
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