September 2023 - Lumsden playground redevelopment

And the results are in...

Voting closed 4 September 2023. Thank you to those who took the time to place a vote for your favourite interactive panels.

The most popular panels by public vote are:

Rotogen Piano, Make it rain, and Ball maze!

Please note that the votes shown on this page don’t represent the total votes received. Hard copy voting forms were also submitted as part of this engagement and these numbers are not shown on this website.

The playground redevelopment work will commence at the end of January 2024. We will keep the community updated as this project progresses. 


Great news! The Lumsden Playground is getting redeveloped!

The Northern Community Board alongside the Southland District Council is excited to have secured additional funding to redevelop the Lumsden Playground. In addition to local community board input, additional funding of $100,000 has been secured from Better off Funding.

A community engagement event was held in November 2022 where a number of people provided feedback on what they would like to see in a new playground. These insights helped form the concept design (pictured) and some of the play equipment chosen by the community board.

The overall concept design for the playground will integrate the unique heritage of Lumsden and bringing in the railway theme to the playground. Some existing playground elements are staying, including the gyroscope and the newer younger children’s module, making this a rich sensory play experience for your children to look forward to.

Here in Southland we love to play.

Albert Einstein once said “Play is the highest form a research”. Playgrounds are safe spaces where kids develop crucial skills necessary to gain self-confidence, improve coordination and advance critical thinking capabilities.

Plus, they are FUN!!!!!

In essence, play is fundamentally important in a child’s development, physically, cognitively and emotionally. 

We want your input!

But before we finalise all the elements of the playground, we need your help! We would love your feedback on which three interactive play panels you would like to be included in the playground. See some of the panels pictured below.



You can vote here, using the star rating system, or you can head to the local SDC office in Lumsden Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10.30am - 12pm & 1.30 - 4pm. Your votes will be used to help the community board make decisions on these key elements within the playground.

Get voting!!

Voting closes 4 September 2023

Star rating system

Rate your favourite 3 panels with a 5 star rating, there are 6 panels to choose from.

You can only vote once per panel.

Make it rain

Hear the rainfall with the Make it Rain Play Panel. Rotate the rain wheel to listen to the sound of rainfall. Rain sounds provide creative and collaborative play opportunities for children of all abilities.

  • 13 Votes


Each touch stimulating activity enables children to refine their manual dexterity, skills and coordination.

  • 6 Votes

Three in a row

Try and get three in a row before your opponent with this sliding counters game for children to play.  Cognitive skills:  problem solving, strategic thinking, creative thinking, memory.

  • 11 Votes

Ball Maze

The Ball Maze is a fun and interactive panel that features a rotating maze, hours of fun and problem solving for the playground.

  • 11 Votes

Tic Tac Toe

Get ready to play Tic Tac Toe, a classic game which is addictive.  Tic Tac Toe encourages interaction and develops fine-motor skills for children with all abilities.

  • 10 Votes

Rotogen Piano

Hear the piano notes from the RotoGen PlayTronic Piano Keys Panel Insert.  Turn the roto for notes C-C and take it in turns to play alongside your friends. Dance along to some piano inspired music with the RotoGen PlayTronic Piano Musical Play Panel. This product encourages the development of hand-eye coordination, rhythm and musicality in the playground. Be a Rockstar at playtime.

  • 19 Votes

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Hi there, just wanted to say, I looved this post.

Hi there, just wanted to say, I looved this post. read more Sunday 31 Mar 2024

The playground looks amazing however will there be any seating…

The playground looks amazing however will there be any seating… read more

Katie Griffin Wednesday 30 Aug 2023

Hi there.

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D McKenzie Wednesday 23 Aug 2023