Main street

When developing the plan for the main street several constraints and opportunities were identified.

The constraints included protecting heritage buildings, privately owned land on the main street and the main street being a state highway.

The opportunities included (but were not limited to) proximity to the Tui Trail, ‘Two-sided’ main street, proximity to Waiau River, repurposing of the railway station and gateway opportunities.

The plan considers five key moves and believes these key moves will enhance the opportunities, revitalise the main street and address some of the identified constraints.

These key moves are:

  1. Consolidate the village centre
    The main street is currently spread over a large area somewhat separated by a slight kink in the road. Creating a smaller hub area for the main street will encourage cohesion within the town.
  2. Enhance Waiau River and open space connections
    The township is located near the Waiau River and has many beautiful trails close by which provide a connection to the main street. Further enhancement of and wayfinding for these trails will help connect the main street to other open spaces and nearby recreational opportunities.
  3. Upgrade the main street
    Enhancing the gateways to the town and revitalising existing buildings will help create an important first impression and encourage visitors to stop and explore the town further. Upgrades to parking and improving pedestrian safety by implementing traffic calming measures (such as planter boxes) will provide safe access to the railway station and other wayfinding spots throughout the main street.
  4. Develop the main street
    There is potential to create commercial opportunities on both sides of the road to make Tuatapere have a two-sided main street. These opportunities could be utilised by Council or private developers.
  5. Small projects
    There are a number of small projects which have the potential to add to the impact of revitalisation, including beautification and planting, creating a colour palette for the town, and enhancing and encouraging more use of existing facilities along with many others.

You can find out more information about this project in the detailed plan here.

We want to hear from you

Community feedback is important to help prioritise the projects and to help the board understand where the community believe these moves will help develop some of the town's untapped potential.

Feedback closes 9am Monday 5th September 2022.

Do the believe these key moves will help to address some of the opportunities and constraints the town is facing? If so why or why not?

Do you think that if there is increased opportunities to move to and buy residential land in Tuatapere, that this could create an increase in business growth and vibrancy in the main street? If so, why or why not?

If these key moves go ahead, would you like to see some of them trialled through temporary events/activities prior to a full funding commitment being made for the permanent solution?

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