Railway station

When developing the plan for the railway station the community board considered multiple options for the station. These included revitalising the trail station in the current location and even considered options for moving it to another location within the township. Due to the proximity of the railway station to the main street and because of its heritage value, the board have indicated their preferred option as option one - the revitalisation of the station in its current location.

This would include creating a railway station precinct that leans into the heritage of the site. This would include some landscaping and use of other railway items within the town to enhance and beautify the site.

You find out more information about this project and the other options considered in the detailed plan.

We want to hear from you

Feedback closes 9am Monday 5th September 2022.

Do you think that developing a railway precinct would be a draw card and bring more people to the main street?

How do you think that the railway precinct could be an lively attraction to capture the anticipated increased tourist numbers with the Hump Ridge track Great Walk status?

If the revitalisation of the railway station becomes a community-led project, would you or a group you are involved in want to lend a hand with this project?

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Myles Greber Thursday 4 Aug 2022